Take Me To Your Leader - Meet Our Founder, Jordan Johnson

Take Me To Your Leader - Meet Our Founder, Jordan Johnson

Take Me To Your Leader

How does a father, runner, and entrepreneur’s health journey lead him to create an electrolyte drink with mushrooms? It’s a trip! Jump in our spaceship, and we’ll give you the 30,000-foot view.


So, who are you?

My name is Jordan, I am a husband to Jennifer, a father to 4 beautiful children, the firstborn of 4 brothers. I love adventure, travel, culture and exploring new places.


What launched your entrepreneurial journey?

I started helping neighbors clean up their yards when I was a kid; years later, it became my first official business. We have a history in our family of business ownership, so it was just natural for me to follow that direction.


What sparked the idea for Electric Shrooms?

I started focusing on health about 5 years ago after a very serious battle with depression. I realized that pushing my body to the extreme actually helped my mental status. After getting into longer endurance races, I began understanding how important hydration and electrolytes were and wanted something clean and healthy as a source, for not only replacing what I lost during long races, but looking for something that helped build my body as well. 


What have you learned about the health and wellness market in the past year? 

Oh wow, I had no idea what a challenge it would be getting into production. Taking something from concept to reality, then from reality to production is quite a journey.


Biggest challenge you've overcome?

Definitely, manufacturing. We had to take our savings and then borrow more, just to meet minimum order quantities to make single serve sticks possible. It’s a leap into a “big boy” industry but we fully believe this will be a success, and it takes total faith to go after this dream. 


Describe yourself in 3 words. 

Optimistic, curious, adventurer


What do people get wrong about you? 

I’m not as tough as I look. Haha!  


Who is Electric Shrooms for?

This product was made for everyone who wants to elevate their overall wellbeing, especially those who want to push themselves physically. We have this joke about Electric Shrooms being like the old deodorant commercials “strong enough for him, made for her,” meaning it’s powerful enough for top athletes but made for everyone to enjoy. Even our 3-year-old boy asks for “mushrooms” in his sippy cup. It’s also a great alternative for people giving up alcohol because it offers a sweet taste without the sugar.


Outside of Electric Shrooms, what brings you joy?

Arriving home from work to find my wife and kids playing outside. They attack me with love and joy when they see me. That’s probably the single best feeling I’ve experienced in this whole world. 

No topping that feeling but I also love traveling using paper maps, connecting with friends, being in nature, and great conversation over an amazing meal. Who’s with me?


Did your personal interests factor into the mix?

Absolutely, my hobbies first helped me understand the need for proper physical care. From farming and gardening helping me understand how nutrients work, to extreme races (12 hours plus!) teaching me how important those nutrients are to us as we push ourselves mentally and physically. 


Why mushrooms? 

I had a great friend, Jeff, who was passionate about mushrooms and teaching people about all of the benefits they offer. His passion was contagious!


Best classes in grade school? 

Lunch, gym, show choir


What do you want to be known for? 

Love and generosity


Favorite quotes? 

“Never give in, never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense.” ~Winston Churchill

"Don't wish it were easier, wish you were better." ~Jim Rohn


Go-to karaoke song? 

Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond


At-bat/walk-up song? 

Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N' Roses


Last gift you gave? 

I gave my wife a pizza oven for Christmas. Maybe a slightly selfish move (see next question). If only we were able to make it work! 


Food you really can’t stand?

I don’t think I’ve ever met a meal I don’t like. Lesser faves = organ meat. 


Food you can’t live without? 

Ice cream and peanut butter Kashi. It's all about balance.


Some Random Facts about Jordan 

Picks up hitchhikers 

Solid roller skating skills 

Broke his foot running INTO the ocean

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